Dr. Nadim Haboubi in his clinic
Consultant Physician

“Are you overweight? ... ” “Take control of your weight problems”

Weight gain develops when food intake exceeds the energy expenditure of the body over time (usually many years). The process of regulating the energy balance is complex and very tightly regulated. Several hundred genes have been identified to influence body weight and many hormones have been discovered to stimulate food intake and affect hunger signals.

The epidemic of obesity is already having a major effect on the population's health. As many as one billion individuals worldwide may be overweight or obese.

In the United Kingdom the obesity epidemic is out of control, and none of the measures being undertaken shows sign of halting the problem. The current rate of obesity exceeds 30% for both men and women.

Obesity is not necessarily caused by over eating. Over weight may be due to imbalance in the body hormones. When considering treatment for weight problems therefore, consultation with a GP or Medical Consultant should always be undertaken first.

The Private Specialist Weight Management Clinic is run by an experienced Consultant Physician who is a specialist in weight management and who currently runs the only NHS funded obesity clinic in Wales.

If you are concerned about your weight, contact us now on 02920 764611 or 01633 820299

Clinics situated at:

St Joseph’s Hospital, Harding Avenue, Malpas, Newport
Tel: 01633 820337

Cyncoed Consulting Rooms, 277 Cyncoed Road, Cardiff
Tel: 02920 764611

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